Implantation of Polypropylene Mesh for Lung Herniation after Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Plasty


During two decades minimally invasive mitral valve surgical approaches have been developed to achieve similar results to conventional sternotomy approach with the aim to reduce postoperative complications, improve cosmesis and shorten hospital stay. Lung herniation is a rare source of acute chest pain following mitral valve repair. In this case short series we describe the clinical presentation, diagnostic process, and surgical treatment of two cases of patients who developed symptomatic lung herniation after mitral valve repair through the anterior mini-thoracotomy. Preoperative evaluation included both conventional chest X-ray and thoracic computed tomography (CT) scan. Both patients underwent a surgical repair using a Polypropylene mesh. At 12-month follow-up patients were asymptomatic and without recurrence of hernia. Received date: 04/07/2017 Accepted date: 24/07/2017 Published date: 31/07/2017


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