Identification of aggressive prostate cancer in ex vivo human prostates by physio-chemical photoacoustics


Prostate cancer (PCa) is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and the second cause of cancer deaths in American men. PCa has a relatively low progression rate, yet it cannot be cured once metastasized. The accurate diagnosis of the aggressive PCa is critical for the survival of PCa patients. Prostate biopsy is the standard procedure for evaluating the presence and aggressiveness of PCa. The microarchitecture of the biopsied tissues is graded as a quantification of the PCa aggressiveness. Due to the inaccurate imaging guidance, less than 10% of the samples are clinically significant. Purposed at alleviating the complications of needle biopsy, this study investigates the feasibility of assessing the aggressiveness of PCa using interstitial photoacoustic (PA) measurements without tissue removal.


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